soda christ

by ROM

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released May 30, 2014

Mark McInerney - vocals, guitar
Sean McCauley - bass
Mark Pry - drums
additional vocals on Jerry Princess Taste and Old Bull Lee by Jess Wesner

songs by rom
Jerry Princess Taste was written by rom and Ted Fleming
recorded and mixed by Chris Freeland at Beat Babies in Baltimore, MD
additional recording by Mark McInerney at Beta House in Washington, DC
mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering
cover art by Mark McInerney



all rights reserved


ROM Washington, D.C.

Mark Mc
Sean Mc
M. Pry
Krys F.

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Track Name: jerry princess taste
jerry princess taste
i love my beautiful boy
i see your goodness
such a beautiful boy
beautiful boy in rubber love
Track Name: belia
blinding fever when i'm left alone
another blinding fever is all i've known
you could say i'm pretending but what a time to play
because it's killing me and i couldn't care less

dripping syrup from ice
falling sweetly on my tongue
you better tell your family what you know now
what possibility could i believe now
the string slowly pulling me down

find me a place to make amends
if it's dark i'll go
hiding from the man i left alone
timid in the way he walks
because of medicine
that is killing him and i couldn't care less

i think i want more time on my hands
i think we need one day without our head
Track Name: nuisance
i planned a holiday for my love
i found a hiding place for my love
if i ever stop looking for my love
take me home

for the weight in my eyes is more of a nuisance now than ever before
our darker days shine through the cold
i gave her praise or so i've been told
any day now she will come around

do you believe in circumstances my love
the preparation improves your chances my love
your standing orders have come and gone my love
take control

twin shifting parallel paranoid overtures
covers the room it's all i hear
the airways bringing ideas we ponder
its seems that laziness makes stronger
so typical

take me home
take control
Track Name: hidden
i'm right again
block it out
i'm right again
head in the oven
why do anything
leave it hidden
i'm right again
off the rail

i'm right again
a perfect breath
i'm right again
walk in the ocean
why do anything
back at home
i'm right again
a cannibal

i'm right again
something rotten
i'm right again
sweet memory
why do anything
hard to suffer
i'm right again

smile of relief from a willing volunteer
your new look is happening

swept away
Track Name: trouble breathing
potent like gasoline
especially when it spills
seeping in the scenery
watch your step it's gonna burn
following the energy
put camouflage upon your face
lay your eyes upon the scene
the enemy is all around

talking more than you can breathe
baby you got a lot to prove
bury your regrets tastefully
it's time to make the people move
for some reason i can't describe

i feel alive but i don't think i can be bothered anymore
i feel alive but trouble lies all over the floor

lying like you just got shot
baby you got a lot to prove
bury your regrets tastefully
it's time make the people move
the enemy is all around
for some reason i can't describe

wish i could get a good night sleep
you know tomorrow will be hell
as i blink my head rattles
i won't be bothered anymore
Track Name: micro
i stole medication
i drove in tears all night
i told myself i would have self control again
beginning to end in lies and sand

i put several batteries on my tongue
my east and my middle make for some toxic connections
the sun fades on some faces
i see the devil in everyone
and i'm relieved to be home for now it's calm

we had someplace before
we had someplace in mind
i will surrender control
and in due time we will another place to go

Track Name: old bull lee
saw you were lonely
when i was least afraid
took comfort in a friend who didn't misbehave
and didn't make me say that i was
unaware of all the trouble we found
but every know and then their presence
questions everything i held so dear i'm shutting down as they draw near
you won't speak to me
but you look me in the eyes as if to say there's no more reason to try

you're goddamn right
now everything is all about you
and when you die
i'll have nothing more to write

now the beast has you by the throat
and you spilled the bleach on the blanket
where you hide your scar
under the fold so deep and dark
recognizing a remedy for foolishness
because i can't break what isn't mine
and it's never mine
Track Name: name
every morning
i get up and call
and every morning
i can't escape

the name remains burned on my head

hiding out in the shade
on a vulgar note
i though i was fitting in
for a smash and a grab operation

innocence won't get erased
whither cancer or apocalypse
the name remains the same

haven't walked around in days
haven't turned around today
to see the look on their faces
if my judgement's poor
i can't tell
the second glances passing me
and i'm letting go of everything i can sell

arrogance is all the rage
whither cancer or apocalypse
the name remains the same

when there's no one left to blame
it's time to get used to the suffering
and when a ghost comes and carries you away
they'll say time heals everything
but i doubt i'll ever wait